About The Engineer

Hey! My name is Byron Hill and I am a professional music producer & mixing engineer of 10+ years based out of Atlanta, GA. My goal is to serve the artist, serve the song, and create the best sonic experience for the listener. Being a professional mixing engineer, I can mix your vocals to sound professional and radio-ready. I work closely with both major and independent artists to help create amazing mixes & productions that translate into great experiences for the listener. Contact me via the chat button or send me an email through the contact form below and let’s get started on your project today.


I also provide live song mixing sessions in which we can mix your song live in real-time. For more information click here: Live Mixing Sessions

How It Works

Purchase & Upload

Once you purchase an online mixing and mastering package, you’ll be transferred to a secure page to upload your song files. You will also be able to share any notes or specific details you may have about your song.

We Mix Your Song

The mixing process generally takes 3 days and you will be notified as soon as the process is complete. All songs will be mixed and mastered to professional Industry standard quality.

You Receive the Mix

Once the mixing and mastering is complete, your song will be sent to you for your approval! You receive 2 free revisions for your song. After approval, all of your files will be rendered and sent to you.


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Mixing and Mastering Packages

Select the license that best suits your needs



High Quality Stereo Master
Analog EQ and Compression
Stereo Widening & Harmonics Saturation Processing
Frequency Spectrum Balancing
Bass Enhancement
Loudness Maximization



Up to 3 Stems
High Quality Industry Mix
Analog Mastering
EQ, Compression, DeEssing, Gain Staging, Stereo Imaging and more..
Melodyne & Auto-Tune Vocal Correction
2 Revisions



Up to 15 Stems
High Quality Industry Mix
Analog Mastering
EQ, Compression, DeEssing, Gain Staging, Stereo Imaging and more..
Melodyne & Auto-Tune Vocal Correction
2 Revisions



Up to 40 stems
High Quality Industry Mix
Analog Mastering
EQ, Compression, DeEssing, Gain Staging, Stereo Imaging and more..
Melodyne & Auto-Tune Vocal Correction
3 Revisions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of having my song mixed?

Once you contact me to book your mixing session, I will look at the details of your song mix as well as ask you to send me your files to check and approve before we start the order. Once everything is approved, I will send you the payment. I will mix & master your song and deliver it to you as soon as it’s completed (Within 5 days). After that point, if there are any revisions that you request, I will be able to make them for you within a day or so and deliver the final files for you.

Why should I choose you?

I have a strong passion for music and I am dedicated to delivering excellence in all aspects of my life. I believe that music is an experience and I want to help you create the most memorable experience for your audience. I work around the clock and will always be available for you.

How should we send files?

Sending and receiving files are done via WeTransfer. This is so we can send large compressed zip files safe and secure as well as having a record of it. Files must be labeled and organized for the engineer. Please keep relevant audio files on one track for consistency and for saving space. This will also result in a faster turn-around time. When your song/project is completed you will be sent a compressed zip file containing a 320 kbps HQ MP3 file along with a 24 Bit WAV file for HD playback on all streaming platforms.

What files will I receive from you?

You will receive the high quality mix in wav/mp3 format as well as an iTunes version, Acapella version & Instrumental version.

What is the turn-around time?

Your project will be sent to you within 3-5 days of your order.

How are payments handled?

All payments are handled safe and securely via PayPal. After a Mix Order Request is sent, you will be directed to a secure upload page where you can send your session.

What do I send you for a mix?

If you are working in Pro Tools, you can send me the session. If it’s in any other format make sure to export the WAV files in 24bit 320kbps.

Can you tune vocals?

Yes, I can apply Auto-Tune to your vocals to give it that T-Pain effect or you can purchase my Melodyne addon which is a more natural pitch correction where I will manually tune your vocals to perfection.

What genres do you specialize in?

Being a professional mixing engineer, I work in almost genres. I specialize in mixing Hip Hop, R&B, Trap, Chill, Future & Pop.

What are your mixing and mastering prices?

We provide affordable rates for our professional mixing and mastering services. You can check the pricing table above to view the rates for your song.

How Online Mixing and Mastering Services Work

Our online music mixing and mastering services studio provides affordable radio-ready & industry quality mixes. Mixing and mastering are the final stages of the recording process that help in enhancing the overall sound of your record to add that final high quality polish and sheen to bring it to life. Song mixing blends all of the audio tracks and instruments together to create a cohesive sounding project. Song mastering gives the final touch to a mixed song to further enhance the overall mix and bring overall tonal balance to it.

What is Audio Mixing?

Online Audio Mixing balances the song by providing clarity and adjusting the levels of depth, frequency, sound, and stereo image. By blending these different elements of the song together, it helps in creating a 3D sound stage, adds weight to the music and provides an unforgettable listening experience for the listener.

Generally our work starts by organizing the audio tracks into different audio buses and groups. This gives us more control over balancing the entire song and “gluing” the individual parts together. The volume of the tracks and tonal balance are then leveled to make sure everything is in balance. We then listen to each track and apply processing including eq, compression, multi-band compression, etc. to ensure no tracks are peaking. After this, we listen carefully to the entire song and eliminate any unwanted frequencies and make sure everything is consistent by focusing on all the parts as a whole.

We then apply filters, panning for clarity, reverb, delays and creative effects throughout the song to add emotion of the song.
A lot of different techniques are applied depending on the genre and vibe the artist is going for and emotion to which the song is to be directed. Every genre requires a different style of mixing and mastering so Rap, Hip Hop, Trap, R&B, Pop, Kpop, Reggae, Dance Hall Future Bass, Chill, Ambient, Live Performance, Dubstep, etc.. all have different ways of approaching the record and mixing it for balance. After the audio has  been successfully mixed, the work of the audio mastering begins.

What is Audio Mastering?

Online Audio Mastering is the final polish to a mix. Mastered songs sound much clearer, more balanced, louder and more dynamic than the original song mix. Audio Mastering essentially makes the song more refined and enhances the quality of sound by making vocals more prominent and audible and the instrumental more balanced. Mastering engineers are experts in audio mastering and have a trained ear and treated room to make sure that the final master is able to translate across a variety of sound systems including cars, phones, home-theaters, clubs, venues, stores, elevators, shopping malls, radio, etc.

Steps for Audio Mastering:

The final song mix  is received by the mastering engineer (Generally with at least -6db of headroom so that the mastering engineer can naturally increase the volume without distortion). Slight adjustments are made to the mixed song but nothing major as to not alter any part of the mixed audio and only to enhance it. The EQ, stereo enhancement, and limiting and compression are the first aspects to be implemented. The main goal is to get a high quality and tonally balanced final song that translates well across all mediums and listening the devices. The bass is checked and possibly compressed to prevent overpowering the song and all dynamics are all normalized.

Affordable Mixing Services

The process of post-production begins with mixing. It is when the audio engineer/mixing engineer separates, organizes, labels and combines the recorded and produced audio files to create a cohesive and sonic listening experience.

The mixing process is fairly in-depth and and working with an experienced professional mixing engineer can help provide that glue and dynamic listening experience for the listener. We provide affordable mixing services to help you elevate your sound while remaining within your budget.

In Need of Mixing and Mastering Services?

Being a mixing and mastering engineer of over 10+ years, I have worked on thousands of songs from clients worldwide.. Let me help you bring balance to your song. You can check out some of my samples mixes above.

Thanks and looking forward to working with you!


Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you!

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