Mixing and Mastering Courses

Our mixing and mastering courses enable both engineers and artists/producers to learn how to professionally and effectively mix songs to be radio-ready and stand out from the crowd. With over 1000+ clients worldwide and tens of millions of cumulative streams, we have a track-record for providing quality mixes that translate into amazing experiences for the listener. Through our courses, we will be able to provide you with the tools, skills, knowledge and ability to do the same for you and and your clients.

Songs we have mixed and mastered

Online Mixing and Mastering Courses

In need of the best online mixing and mastering courses? We provide professional online mixing and mastering classes to help you excel in your productions and achieve the sound you are looking for

All of our mixing and mastering courses dive in-depth into the different aspects of mixing whether you are looking for courses on how to create a vocal chain, how to mix rap vocals, how to mix r&b vocals, how to mix pop vocals, how to mix trap vocals or if you are in need of general audio mixing classes.

Our experience and attention to detail has enabled us to craft the best courses online with detailed courses such as the best vocal mixing course online, mix mastering course, waves mixing course, pro tools mixing course and online music mixing course. We also provide live mixing classes online and live audio mixing training as well if you need more personal custom-tailored courses to help you with your mixing and mastering.

Mixing and Mastering lessons should be fun and engaging as well as provide the proper mixing tools to help audio engineers of all levels (whether beginning or professional) to help elevate their sound and approach to mixing music. Looking for the best mix and mastering online course? We have you covered! You can browse our collection of courses above to find a course that is specific to your needs. Whether it be a hip hop mixing course, R&B mixing course, Trap Mixing course, Pop Mixing Course, vocals mixing course, rest assured that you will be able to find the right course for you.

Pro Tools Mixing Course

Looking for the best pro tools mixing course? We provide professional pro tools mixing templates to help you mix your song from start to finish.

The mix of a song can make or break the record. In order to make sure that your song is competitive in volume, dynamics and overall sound, we provide professional mixing templates to serve as the starting point in helping you creatively carve and craft the sound of your record.