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About Me

Hey! My name is Byron and I am a professional music producer & mixing engineer of 10+ years based out of Atlanta, GA. My goal is to serve the artist, serve the song, and create the best sonic experience for the listener. Being a professional hip hop mixing engineer, I can mix your vocals to sound professional and radio-ready. I work closely with both major and independent artists to help create amazing mixes & productions that translate into great experiences for the listener. Send me an email through the Contact Form below and let’s get started on your project today.

How It Works

Purchase & Upload

Contact me to book a session. This way I can check and approve your files before we get started on the mix and master of your song. You can use the form below to fill out the details of your project. Once approved I will then send you the order to book the mix session.

We Mix Your Song

The mix process generally takes 5 days and you will be notified as soon as the process is complete. During the mixing stage your song will receive corrective eq, muti-band compression, harmonic saturation processing, stereo imaging, Autotune/Melodyne if needed and tasteful use of creative effects.

You Receive the Mix

Once the mixing and mastering is complete, your song will be sent to you for your approval! You receive 3 free revisions to your song. After this, I will bounce down your files for you including the High Quality Wav, Instrumental, Acapella and iTunes version.

Songs Byron has Mixed & Mastered

Rap/Hip Hop

  1. Brothers Keeper kash verrazano 2:31
  1. Falling For You Judah x Matt 3:05
  1. Knots K.I Breaux 3:36
  1. Versace Lamborghini Paddy Rodgers 1:48
  1. Fall Kelso Presley 3:14
  1. First Blood Oakey 4:23
  1. Wild Wild East YBlazeOne 3:26
  1. Slick AF Bsuavee 3:03


  1. Havoc Adrian Daniel 1:27
  1. Backseat YFlex 3:43
  1. You're My Bae Ronin, Queenah 4:38
  1. Let You Go 609 Renny 3:20

Clients and Reviews

OakeyRecording Artist

Every time I have an order with him he completely turns the song around and makes it sound amazing!! Love him and his work, very very talented

Nicko DruxxRecording Artist

Perfectly happy with the final mix and master!

KamikhazziRecording Artist.

Highly recommended! Byron did what he does best, and did it very well! When I asked for a revision he did it perfectly and without hesitation. Do yourself the favor and give him a try. You won't be disappointed! I will def be back!

Kelso PresleyRapper, Recording Artist

Did a great job mixing and mastering my song for an affordable price!

jacob SwiftRecording Artist

Amazing, fast, and communicated very well! Thank you!

YBA BabyRapper, Recording Artist

Thank god I don’t have to look any further highly I mean highly recommend this is a real mix and master.

Royal860Rapper, Recording Artist

Great job once again, this is my 6th record in a row he’s mixed for me.

KingKapLmgRecording Artist.

Great engineer ‼

MA11YRecording Artist

WOW, Best engineer online! I approve this message. (Not a paid spokesmen) lol On a serious note i was very pleased with service, communication, and all the above.

IlijhaesraelRapper, Recording Artist

This brother is the truth, we did mastering with our first single and we came back for the second single for mixing and mastering he did a awesome job, we will keep working together on all singles coming out. Thx again bro .

Kash VerrazanoRapper, Recording Artist

Was perfect and very detailed and patient. This will for sure be my new engineer. Got it right first time.

SlaterRecording Artist

Wish I could give bchill more than 5 stars man made my song come to life had no problems making the changes I asked for even though it was hardly anything to change once he worked his magic ! Def looking forward to working with u again ! Thanks fam !

609 RennySinger, Recording Artist

Wow, I can absolutely say for the first song I had someone master and engineer nicely. I got to say bravo man. Thank you so much for taking your time on my song, will definitely have more to come.

Hunter MahaffeyRecording Artist.

Byron is absolutely amazing. Communication was professional and prompt and his mix for my project was amazing. Highly recommend and will definitely use again in the future as needed.

Jonathan HicksRapper, Recording Artist

Very dope mix bro!

Jerry HighsSinger, Recording Artist.

Byron did it again!!! I love the way you take something good and make it great! You are so good that there is anticipation waiting to hear what you bring back to me... and every time it’s different and even better! Thanks B!!!

YBlazeOneRapper, Recording Artist.

my engineer for now on new single dropping 02/01/19 #WildEast

KI BreauxRecording Artist.

All my mixes are A1 I found my engineer for sure

Javion SCRapper, Recording Artist

Great job, really appreciate his patience and focus on making sure the finished product was what i envisioned. I would definitely recommend him.

David DanylukGuitarist, Recording Artist

Great experience, would definitely recommend


Select the license that best suits your needs



High Quality Industry Mix
Up to 10 Stems
Hybrid Analog/Digital Mixing
EQ, Compression, DeEssing, Gain Staging, Stereo Imaging and more..
Basic Pitch Correction and vocal adjustments for better sound
Harmonic Saturation Processing
Tasteful use of reverb, delay and creative effects



High Quality Industry Mix
Up to 20 Stems
Hybrid Analog/Digital Mixing
EQ, Compression, DeEssing, Gain Staging, Stereo Imaging and more..
Advanced Pitch Correction and vocal adjustments for better sound
Harmonic Saturation Processing
Tasteful use of reverb, delay and creative effects



High Quality Industry Mix
Up to 30 Stems
Hybrid Analog/Digital Mixing
EQ, Compression, DeEssing, Gain Staging, Stereo Imaging and more..
Advanced Pitch Correction and vocal adjustments for better sound
Harmonic Saturation Processing
Tasteful use of reverb, delay and creative effects

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of having my song mixed?

Once you contact me to book your mixing session, I will look at the details of your song mix as well as ask you to send me your files to check and approve before we start the order. Once everything is approved, I will send you the payment. I will mix & master your song and deliver it to you as soon as it’s completed (Within 5 days). After that point, if there are any revisions that you request, I will be able to make them for you within a day or so and deliver the final files for you.

Why should I choose you?

I have a strong passion for music and I am dedicated to delivering excellence in all aspects of my life. I believe that music is an experience and I want to help you create the most memorable experience for your audience. I work around the clock and will always be available for you.

How should we send files?

Sending and receiving files are done via WeTransfer. This is so we can send large compressed zip files safe and secure as well as having a record of it. Files must be labeled and organized for the engineer. Please keep relevant audio files on one track for consistency and for saving space. This will also result in a faster turn-around time. When your song/project is completed you will be sent a compressed zip file containing a 320 kbps HQ MP3 file along with a 16 Bit WAV file for HD playback on all streaming platforms.

What files will I receive from you?

You will receive the high quality mix in wav/mp3 format as well as an iTunes version, Acapella version & Instrumental version.

What is the turn-around time?

Your project will be sent to you within 5 days of your order.

How are payments handled?

All payments are handled safe and securely via PayPal. After a Mix Order Request is sent, you will be emailed within 24 hours regarding your mix session, payment as well as a link to where you will upload your files to send in.

What do I send you for a mix?

If you are working in Pro Tools, you can send me the session. If it’s in any other format make sure to export the WAV files in 24bit 320kbps.

Can you tune vocals?

Yes, I can apply Auto-Tune to your vocals to give it that T-Pain effect or you can purchase my Melodyne addon which is a more natural pitch correction where I will manually tune your vocals to perfection.

What genres do you specialize in?

Being a professional mixing engineer, I work in almost genres. I specialize in mixing Hip Hop, R&B, Trap, Chill, Future & Pop.

What are your mixing and mastering prices?

We provide affordable rates for our professional mixing and mastering services. You can check the pricing table above to view the rates for your song.


Please use the form below to book your mixing session or ask us any general questions. Thank you!

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