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Mixing a Song With This Template

The Chill R&B Trap Mixing Template is a custom daw template for Pro Tools that you can use to quickly and efficiently get your ideas down with a clean and clear professional sound from the beginning. It has been customized by Byron (also known by his producer name BCHILL MIX) to help Pro Tools users get a head start in their tracking session. This template is perfect for Chill R&B Trap sounding vocals. This vocal recording template was crafted as an excellent starting point for individuals who want to get a great sound right out of the box!

The Chill R&B Trap Recording & Mixing Template includes a vocal chain with a pristine sound and reverb/delays to compliment.

Plugins that were used in this template are:

  • Auto-Tune Pro
  • Auto-Key
  • CLA Vocals
  • D3 Expander Gate
  • Doubler 4
  • Fabfilter Pro-Q 3
  • Fabfilter Pro-DS
  • Harmonics Plugin (Softube)
  • H-Delay
  • J37
  • LiqiudSonics Lustrous Plates
  • Rbass
  • RVox
  • Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor (plugin Alliance)
  • Slate Digital VMR
  • Spectre (Wavesfactory)
  • The God Particle Plugin

(plugins not included)

Compatible with Pro Tools 10+

This product is made by BCHILL MUSIC and the artists mentioned has nothing to do with this product. The artists mentioned did not make this product, nor are they affiliated with this product in any way. This product is meant to create a sound that can be compared to the sound of the artists mentioned in the title. This product will not create the exact sound of the artist because this product was not made by the artists at all. The artists name is used for comparison purposes only, this artists is not supportive of this product nor in partnership with BCHILL MUSIC to promote this product.

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