The God Particle Plugin Review & Mixing Tutorial | Jaycen Joshua x Cradle

The God Particle Plugin Review & Mixing Tutorial | Jaycen Joshua x Cradle

Check out our review on Jaycen Joshua’s newest plugin “The God Particle” below

Mixing R&B Vocals with The God Particle Plugin

What is The God Particle plugin?

The God Particle is a revolutionary plugin stated by the software developing team “Cradle” as the only plugin on Jaycen Joshua‘s mix bus. Mixing into it provides engineers and producers with the same eq curve/multiband compression/stereo widening and harmonic saturation that you hear present on Jaycen Joshua’s mixes.

For the past couple of years, Jaycen Joshua has dropped hints on his IG captions about how he had his own plugin and on Monday May 23, 2022 the plugin was finally released and made available for all to purchase and use.

The God Particle Plugin Interface

The interface for The God Particle Plugin is relatively simple and straight forward. The default settings are the same ones that Jaycen Joshua uses on all of his mixes so once you import the plugin into your daw, the settings are already set to go! You can adjust them as needed of course but the settings are pretty much already tuned to give you a great sound out of the box.

On the left hand side there is an input meter to monitor the levels of the input audio. Next to that, there is an eq section in which you can raise or lower the eq curve by + or – 6db. In the middle of the UI there is a button for “amount” which is pretty much a “mix” knob for you to apply as much or as little of the effect of the plugin as you want to your mix. You can adjust this range from 0% to 200%.

To the right of the “amount” knob is a section where the multi band compressor is. It contains targets for the “high” frequencies “mid” frequencies and “low” frequencies. When mixing you should be aiming to hit the targets with the drums/instruments and vocals as that is what will help you achieve the “Sweet Spot”. To the right of this is a limiter as well as an output meter.

What Does The God Particle Plugin Sound Like?

The God Particle Plugin is best utilized when you mix into it from the very beginning. Upon listening to this plugin, you can hear that there is some multi band compression to balance out the different frequencies of the mix, a nice level of clarity that is added as well as a pretty natural widening effect.

Mixing Drums With The God Particle Plugin

Below, you can watch a clip of me mixing drums using The God Particle Plugin. I start by mixing the kick to hit the targets and then slowly add in the clap, hats and 808. The God Particle keeps everything in tact, glued together and sounding clean with minimal effort.

Mixing Instruments With The God Particle Plugin

Next, you can hear me mixing a piano/keys with The God Particle plugin. The plugin adds a nice slight saturation as well as glue to the mix.

Mixing Vocals With The God Particle Plugin

Finally, you can hear The God Particle plugin really shine while mixing vocals. The vocals already have a certain “sound” from the very beginning as if they are already “mixed” to a certain degree. I applied a slight bit of eq, multi band compression, a de-esser, reverb and delay and the vocals were able to sit right in the mix. Mixing vocals with the god particle plugin is easy and effortless. It only took a few minutes to go from mixing the drums to the instruments to vocals and everything sounds really solid with only this one plugin on the mix bus.

The God Particle Plugin Final Review

I believe this plugins is definitely revolutionary in terms of it being extremely simple in what it does and the sound it achieves. You can achieve a very crisp/clean/loud/wide mix in a very short amount of time and minimal effort with this plugin. I would definitely recommend demo-ing it if you haven’t already and giving it a try!

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