Live Song Mixing Session: Your Body (In My Arms)

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About Course

Welcome to the Live Song Mixing Session: Your Body (In My Arms)!

This is a COMPLETE Live Mixing Session to Learn How to Mix a Chill R&B Trap Song From Scratch!

Song that we will be mixing live:

Who I am:
Hey! My name is Byron Hill and I am a professional mixing engineer and music producer. Having worked with over 1000+ clients worldwide on over 1000+ mixes, I am here to share with you my knowledge and show you how to professionally mix a song from scratch, live!

Credits Include: Westside Boogie, Druski2Funny, Syleena Johnson, Q Parker, DJ Tunez, Eugy, Vory, Caskey, Jarren Benton, SeanDoesMagic, Calico Jonez and many more!

About This Course:
In this live mixing course, I’ll show you some of the best music mixing techniques for vocals, drums, instruments and automating creative effects in pro tools to help you achieve that modern industry standard sound.

Whats covered in this class?
We will be looking at how I professionally mix chill r&b trap vocals first hand (as well as the drums/instrument) and dive into the exact techniques that I use and cover topics such as:

Mutliband Compression
Harmonic Saturation
Lush Reverbs
Clean Delays
Drum Balancing

Who’s this class for?
This class is catered to the intermediate engineer and above who is looking to take their sound to the next level by learning advanced mixing techniques used in today’s music to achieve radio-ready and industry standard vocal mixes.

IMPORTANT! What happens if you don’t learn how to properly mix vocals? Well ask yourself this: 2 months from now how much better will my mixes sound? Without having proper teaching from an experienced engineer, you can spend days/weeks/months/years without much improvement. YouTube courses mostly teach surface-level information and and don’t dive into the specifics or advanced techniques needed for you to take your sound to the next level. I’ve spent the
years learning the secret techniques and how to get that sound and I am here today to share them with you.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Mixing Techniques for Industry Standard Vocals
  • Use Effects Such as Eq, Compression, Reverb & Delay
  • Mixing and Balancing Drums
  • Mixing and Balancing Music
  • Automation tricks for Delays
  • Crystal Clear Reverb
  • Before and After References
  • Downloadable Project Stems to Practice Mixing

Course Content


  • Introduction

Live Mixing Session: Your Body (In My Arms)

Downloadable Session Stems