Jaycen Joshua iZotope Ozone 4 Mixing Presets | Mix Bus Chain

Jaycen Joshua iZotope Ozone 4 Mixing Presets | Mix Bus Chain

Jaycen Joshua is a professional mixing engineer who works at Sphere Studios in North Hollywood, California. Joshua started his mix career in 2006 when he became partners with his mentor Dave Pensado and formed The Penua Project. Joshua has won 14 Grammys to date and and has mixed many multi platinum and award-winning records such as “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” by Beyoncé and “Blame It” by Jamie Foxx, as well as over 60 #1 singles and albums. Including Despacito by Luis Fonsi feat. Justin Bieber. Joshua has worked with Mariah CareyJustin TimberlakeSean CombsJay-ZChris BrownMiley CyrusChristina AguileraMary J. BligeRihannaR. KellyCeline DionJ-LoT.I.UsherMichael JacksonNicki MinajKaty PerrySnoop DoggJustin BieberMike ShinodaSealNas and Whitney Houston.

His mix-bus chain has been highly sought after and he has taken to Instagram to share his personal mix-bus chain for iZotope Ozone 4.

Check out our review on Jaycen Joshua’s newest plugin “The God Particle” below

Also, watch us mix an R&B song through The God Particle Plugin

Jaycen Joshua’s caption on iG

“I’ll never forget the first day I discovered this cheat code… I was absolutely fascinated with its capability’s… It gave me the ability to achieve things I was hearing in my head that I could not achieve before… I spent close to a year searching for the, “closest to perfection”, settings before I even took the chance and introduced this to my set up… Then one day I had a awakening. By introducing the imager ever so subtle to the mid range only and adjusting the ratio, attack and release times on the low end of the MB compressor I felt something change. It’s like when you are trying to find that exact frequency to add and you kind of know what you are looking for so you start surfing up and down the frequency spectrum to try and locate it. Once you find it a feeling hits you. We all have experienced it… Your body relaxes, your head pops up, and you actually have a physical sensation of feeling better. Like physically… That frequency or that specific sound when right sends a sensation throughout your body telling you this feels good. Really try to be mindful of this because this is what helps you find “your sound”. What feels good to you. Nevertheless, I’ve been rocking with the 4 for over a decade… Adjusting, perfecting and also failing… and my mom just whispered in my ear, “give it away”… To die with unshared knowledge and or wisdom serves no one. She led by example and showed me “The key to happiness is selflessness”. Enjoy! And please one of you mf’s take me out… but when you do make sure you say I took out Shelley’s son. 💯 Thank you. #Humanity🤍 

Jaycen Joshua Dropping Gems

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